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Why Move to Longmont?

One reason is how Friendly this town really is!

Longomont has some of the nicest people! People here genuinely love their hometown. A logo commonly used for merchandise here in Longmont is LOCO…..Longmont, Colorado and everyone here is proud to be part of this city that has a small town feel. Whether you are out on a brewhop or on a hike, people here will talk to you! People here are happy and I think when you come from a place that isn’t as friendly, you feel like a fish out of water. Wondering what the city of Longmont puts in their water? Happiness!  It’s pretty strange when someone doesn’t smile or say “Hi” when they pass by you. We even have a shop in downtown Longmont that is dedicated to visitors and those moving to the area. Visit Longmont Center is completely free and they  share info on restaraunts and things to do. In 2016, national geographic named Boulder (right in our backdoor) the happiest city in the US. This bleeds into Longmont naturally.

I think we all want the best for our kids and I found moving to Longmont from Seattle gave our kids a slower pace of life where they are around other happy friendly people. I think that’s a universal goal for all of us parents!

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Epic Mountain Views

Escape the day to day and get up in the Mountains fast!

Where do I even start? The Rocky Mountains are Epic,  and they are right there in front of us… towering over the entire Front Range. Even When moving to Longmont you’ll quickly notice how the entire front range is to the west is a big tower of Mountains. Pikes peak is an amazing hike and destination that is easily spotted any day of the week!

 When you want to escape the city or suburban life for an afternoon, you don’t want to hop in the car and drive 2 hours just to get into the mountains and away from it all. We are so blessed in Longmont because it really only takes around 45 minutes maximum to drive into the mountains and be completely alone and surrounded by pine trees and clean air. Only being about 30  or 45 minutes away from the mountains makes an afternoon hike after work possible. If you’re a nature lover and enjoy spending time in the mountains (or would love to start), you need to seriously consider moving to Longmont. You really don’t have a clue what you’re missing! If you are planning on moving to Longmont, the scenery will not disappoint you!
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Schools are Dynamite

You get diversity here in Longmont!

Longmont has some great diversity when it comes to schooling. St. Vrain school district is on the leading edge for technology and Innovation with an over 369% growth in Robotics programs over the past 4 years. Coming from Seattle, there was never ipads or laptops for students to use the entire school year. In fact, the school district has over 45,500 computers and tablets in use across the district……pretty nice! Most everything done in school is on the students Ipad.  Which takes learning out of the classroom and extends to home and community. Students and Parents are able to see their assignments, notes, lectures, reading assignments and have the ability to message teachers questions. This makes travel and sick days a lot easier to deal with! The district takes early education very seriously too, all schools offer all day kindergarten and they have a strong bi-literacy program. Another difference that I see in Longmont is the focus on movement, health and exercise. Kids get up in some classrooms once and hour and do some sort of exercise. The district also has the 100 mile club. This is a group that meets after school to run. Their progress is measured for the whole school to see on the hallway walls and they are recognized at the end of the year awards ceremonies. All  schools focus in different areas  of learning such as science, leadership, IB, STEM, Engineering and Aerospace, AP capstone, EXCEL, Medical and Bi0-Science. It is not uncommon for parents to open enroll their kids in schools that aren’t their “home school”. I take my kiddos clear across town just based on what they need in their academics. This is pretty foreign to me, because where I come from you go to your “home school” and it costs money and a great deal of time to make a change. This makes buying your home more flexible on location. Some schools are harder then others to get into based upon the program offerings. Open enrollment happens in January and once you have accepted a spot, you are there for the remainder of their time at that particular school. Having siblings already attending a school also gives you priority. It is really nice that you don’t have to live in a certain location in order to go to a certain school. It allows each kid to study the topics they are most interested in and that keeps the learning focus strong. As for College, we do have Front Range Community college and in Boulder there is the University of Colorado Boulder.  This is another reason why moving to Longmont may be a great fit for your family!

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