Mountain Homes

The Most Epic Scenery

Do you love the outdoors? That fresh Mountain air? Estes Park is the gateway to Rocky Mountain National park. A destination that gets over 4.44 million visitors a year. Estes Park sits at 7522 feet above sea level and has so many activities year round that your family will always find something to do! Here is a short list of some of the must do activities in Estes Park:

Estes park is a 90 min drive to Denver and that drive is Epic. The scenery is none like any you have ever seen. Are you thinking of moving to Estes Park or purchasing a vacation property? I would love to help! Estes park is amazing!


Daily Encounters

If you love wildlife, moving to Estes Park is for you. Check this page on things to do in Estes Park for a complete list of animals you will encounter! 

  • Elk -common sightings all through out Estes park
  • Bear
  • Deer
  • Fox
  • Black Bears
  • Cats-bobcat, lynx and mountain lion
  • Sheep
  • Chipmunks-abundant near the overlook as you drive into Estes park

Always make sure you follow the trails and use precaution when animals are around. Read these tips when you around animals! Be safe and have fun. You think maybe Estes Park is a great place to have a home? Let’s find you one!

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The Famous Stanley Hotel

"The Shining"

If you have ever seen the movie “The Shining”, you know the hotel I am talking about! The movie wasn’t actually shot there, but was the inspiration after King and his wife stayed the night in the hotel.The original Dumb and Dumber movie also had a scene that was filmed in the bar of the Stanley Hotel. 

Guests that stay at the Stanley Hotel in Estes park have reported feeling spiritual energy of past guests and employees. Some say they hear and feel spirits from the Founders F.O. and Flora Stanley. You can take a tour of the hotel at night and stay in some of the “haunted” rooms. Something I am contemplating! You can also sign up for the Illusions of the Passed Tour for a packed evening of excitement and mystery. Hosted by master magician and  “America’s Got Talent” contestant Aiden Sinclair. A night in Estes Park you will not forget!

Freelan Oscar Stanley relocated to Estes Park from the East Coast in hopes that the fresh air and plentiful sunlight of the Rocky Mountains would cure his illness, tuburculosis. He was given 1 year to live 10 1903, but after moving he lived till 1940 and died at age 91. Stanley was also the cofounder of the famed Stanley Motor Carriage Company. When him and his wife set eyes on Estes Park, they knew they needed to stay there and develop a first class hotel. They bought 140 acres and designed the entire hotel himself! Pretty amazing man.

Construction of The Stanley Hotel’s main building, one of 11 structures in the original complex, began in 1907 using material from  Rocky Mountain National Park. The hotel, which welcomed its first guests 2 years later in 1909, continues to attract visitors.

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Stanley established the town’s first bank and a sewer, power and water company and funded the construction of the road from Estes Park  to Lyons.  He also helped restore the area’s wildlife population, and his friendship with naturalist Enos Mills helped facilitate the creation of Rocky Mountain National Park in 1915.

The view from the deck out in front of the Stanley in Estes Park is amazing. I’ve tried to take pictures, but they never do it justice. The Stanley Hotel has so much to offer. Book a stay and I would love to hear your experiences.

If you are interested in becoming a full time resident of Estes Park, lets find your new home! Vacation home? Yes, the market for rentals up in this area are really great! Use it when you want and rent it out when you don’t, win-win!