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Moving to Longmont, CO? A Complete Guide to Longmont!

Why the heck should anyone be moving to Longmont, Colorado?

If you or someone you know are considering moving to Longmont, Colorado anytime soon, make sure you read this article first! You want to know what you’re getting yourself into, right? Is moving to Longmont really for you? I think I may have a pretty unbiased view since I am not a Colorado native.

Also be sure to check out the affordability of Longmont area homes. You’ll see that compared to most other major cities, buying a home in Longmont is still extremely affordable.

View of the Front Range

Moving to Longmont? Unless you have spent a fair amount of time in Longmont or Colorado , you have probably have a few misconceptions about living in Colorado. For example, we do not live in a blizzard all winter! Infact, we generally get snow and then it melts within days. And is it cold here alot….actually not at all. We get about 247 days of sunshine, very little rain and when it’s cold it tends to be very dry so it doesn’t feel as cold as it really is!

No, the state isn’t full of cowboys either! Hopefully that doesn’t come as a disappointment…haha! And not everyone is smoking herbs!  We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful city, with so much to do and so many great people. If you still need some convincing, you’re in the right place. I did my best to narrow it down to the top 13 reasons why you’ll love moving to Longmont, CO. I have lived in Colorado about 5 years now and am not going anywhere anytime soon! Longmont just keeps getting better and better!

So, Lets get the stats out of the way……..too boring for me!

  • Population (Longmont) :94,341 (2017)
  • Population Boulder County: 294,567 (2017)
  • Unemployment rate in Longmont 3.0% (March 2018)
  • Median Home Price (Boulder County): $378,000(6/30/18)
  • Median Household Income: $72,282 (Boulder County)
  • Median Household Income: $60,218 (Longmont)
  • Average Commute Time: 21.9 minutes

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1. Longmont has some Epic Views!

I mean who doesn’t love pulling out of their driveway and looking West at some of the most beautiful scenery they have ever seen? The logo for Coors does not lie.  The front range is so close you can touch it. It’s one of those times you pull out your phone to take and epic picture yet it just doesn’t do the scenery justice. Epic is an understatement! Where else can you have breathtaking, National Geographic-worthy views of the sun setting over Pikes Peak?  Consider moving to Longmont and you can enjoy it too! Anywhere you go, the mountains are there and its mountain range layered on top of mountain range. As you get closer to Boulder the the more intense the views get. This is one reason why homes within Boulder are more desirable and valuable. Drive just 25 mins north of Boulder and you’re in the amazing family friendly city of Longmont.  What an amazing perk to moving to Longmont, Colorado!

When you combine our picture perfect mountains with a sunrise or sunset, you’ll quickly realize a major reason why so many people are moving to Longmont. The day almost always starts with sunshine and that makes everyone happy! A joke made alot of people here in Colorado is that we are in bathing suits one day and the next day it snows………it’s true, it’s crazy. Every time we have a weather change or epic sunsets in Longmont your social media goes crazy with cool pics. It’s funny, but also it’s a testament to the natural beauty that we take for granted here in Longmont… and a reason why YOU should consider moving to Longmont.


2. Jobs

Longmont is home to some large companies. Not to mention small business in Longmont is growing. According to Glassdoor, there are 19,000 plus jobs for hire right now! Longmont is booming. Everywhere you go, there are new buiding and houses going up. Historic Downtown longmont is being renovated and some pretty cool shops are moving in. Denver is ranked 4th out of 40 US cities for economic growth according to Business Insider. Denver and the cities surrounding it are booming with jobs and affordable housing. While Denver and Boulder are still among the more expensive areas to live, getting from Longmont to Boulder or Denver won’t make you pull your hair out!  It’s hard to believe the  unemployment rates in Longmont are only at 3.0% according to Ycharts.  Many are moving to Colorado for jobs and specifically Longmont to be close to everything while enjoying affordable housing and a fun family atmosphere. If you have a home here in Longmont, and things continue the way they are, you wont be disappointed when you go to sell. Moving to Longmont won’t disapoint. Housing prices in Longmont are booming right now, check out what your house is worth! Plus Amazon is here in Colorado!

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3. The Breweries……this is huge perk to living in Longmont!

If you have sipped on a craft beer from the can, you can thank Longmont’s own Oskar Blues. They were the first to can craft beer in 2002. There are lots of tasty craft breweries in Longmont, including:


Free-Photos / Pixabay


Can’t decide which one to visit? How about all of them? Consider hopping on the Longmont Brewhop Trolley, which will take you to breweries all over town on the weekends. Which rolls right into another reason to consider moving to Longmont.

4. Longmont is a Friendly City

Longomont has some of the nicest people! People here genuinely love their hometown. A logo commonly used for merchandise here in Longmont is LOCO…..Longmont, Colorado and everyone here is proud to be part of this city that has a small town feel. Whether you are out on a brewhop or on a hike, people here will talk to you! People here are happy and I think when you come from a place that isn’t as friendly, you feel like a fish out of water. Wondering what the city of Longmont puts in their water? Happiness!  It’s pretty strange when someone doesn’t smile or say “Hi” when they pass by you. We even have a shop in downtown Longmont that is dedicated to visitors and those moving to the area. Visit Longmont Center is completely free and they  share info on restaraunts and things to do. In 2016, national geographic named Boulder (right in our backdoor) the happiest city in the US. This bleeds into Longmont naturally.

I think we all want the best for our kids and I found moving to Longmont from Seattle gave our kids a slower pace of life where they are around other happy friendly people. I think that’s a universal goal for all of us parents!

5.Outdoor Activities

Wow, this is where Longmont Explodes! Whether you are planning on visiting or moving to Longmont, you won’t be bored. The proximity to so many great activities is literally in our backyard. Estes Park, the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park is top of mind……that drive!!! Through the winding road of rock cliff red canyons along the river is a drive you won’t forget. Estes park offers so many shops, trails and awesome Horseback riding. Want something more thrilling? Try Skydiivng right in Longmont with Mile-Hi skydiving. I haven’t been brave enough yet, but it is so cool to see them in the sky with the mountains in the background. They run all day long… least that’s what it feels like. There are so many Parks, resevoirs and trails for you and your family to enjoy. Check out this list of must see and do things in Longmont:

6. The Family Atmosphere

Moving to Longmont still top of mind? Main street is a mecca for the Arts. Statues are placed all along Longmont’s Main street. Not to mention Jesters dinner theater on Main street. Where you can have dinner and some live entertainment. Crackpots on Main street is also a great option for blowing a few hours while spending some extra time with the kiddos. Pick out your favorite piece of pottery and let your imagination do the rest! Village at the peaks shopping center has events at least once a month from Summer Music to Dog costume contests. They also have a playground for kids in the center with a great water fountain and a turf grass area where you can play corn hole and other yard games. Regal Cinemas is located in Village at the Peaks Shopping Center. They are pretty deluxe with reclining chairs and lots of foot room…….hey, they even serve beer and wine:) Outside the theatre they have a gas fire pit with chairs. On a weekend night you can find all chairs full and people talking and laughing. This really brings the community together. The Wild Game is a new venue that just went into Longmont in 2017 and it’s tailored to meet everyone’s needs. They offer bowling, arcades, pool, group meeting areas, live games, great food and drinks:) If you still have energy after that, head over to Get Air Trampoline Park and get some of your yaya’s out!

Between the 5 pools (2 outdoor), downtown festivals and the more than 2,000 acres of the city that are dedicated to neighborhood, community and district parks, you will not be bored here! Here are some other ideas:


View over the top of Village at the Peaks Provided by Jensen Laplante Development

There are plenty more things to do here in Longmont, this is just a starting list. If you are moving to Longmont or just visiting, you should try a few of these activities!

7. Food

All I can say is Yum. You won’t go hungry moving to Longmont. We have our fair share of chain restaurants and fast food, but what make Longmont special is the abundance of family owned, one of a kind eateries. Longmont has so many food options, they have an actual food mall. This was a first for me, usually you see restaurants sprinkled in with shopping, but not here! The even more crazy part is they are all busy.  Food brings people together and this is something Longmonters do really well! Main street is changing for the better everyday with new shops and restaurants, which keeps this city super exciting!  I can’t nearly list all my faves, so if I missed you……not hard feelings! Here is some must eat longmont locations:

There are dozens more, but these are all very unique in their offerings and some of them you won’t find in any other city besides Longmont. If you are just visiting or have decided on moving to Longmont, check them out!

8. Agritourism

Longmont has a long history in agriculture dating back to the 180o’s. The abundance of fresh produce offered in longmont is amazing. Farms are sprinkled all around longmont and offer fresh eggs, produce and flowers. Every year from April to November, the Longmont Farmers Market is open at the Boulder County fairground. Lots of artists, fresh meat and produce are available giving you that farm to table experience. If you are considering moving to Longmont, you will always be able to get fresh food to bring home to your family!

9. Longmont Schools

Longmont has some great diversity when it comes to schooling. St. Vrain school district is on the leading edge for technology and Innovation with an over 369% growth in Robotics programs over the past 4 years. Coming from Seattle, there was never ipads or laptops for students to use the entire school year. In fact, the school district has over 45,500 computers and tablets in use across the district……pretty nice! Most everything done in school is on the students Ipad.  Which takes learning out of the classroom and extends to home and community. Students and Parents are able to see their assignments, notes, lectures, reading assignments and have the ability to message teachers questions. This makes travel and sick days a lot easier to deal with! The district takes early education very seriously too, all schools offer all day kindergarten and they have a strong bi-literacy program. Another difference that I see in Longmont is the focus on movement, health and exercise. Kids get up in some classrooms once and hour and do some sort of exercise. The district also has the 100 mile club. This is a group that meets after school to run. Their progress is measured for the whole school to see on the hallway walls and they are recognized at the end of the year awards ceremonies. All  schools focus in different areas  of learning such as science, leadership, IB, STEM, Engineering and Aerospace, AP capstone, EXCEL, Medical and Bi0-Science. It is not uncommon for parents to open enroll their kids in schools that aren’t their “home school”. I take my kiddos clear across town just based on what they need in their academics. This is pretty foreign to me, because where I come from you go to your “home school” and it costs money and a great deal of time to make a change. This makes buying your home more flexible on location. Some schools are harder then others to get into based upon the program offerings. Open enrollment happens in January and once you have accepted a spot, you are there for the remainder of their time at that particular school. Having siblings already attending a school also gives you priority. It is really nice that you don’t have to live in a certain location in order to go to a certain school. It allows each kid to study the topics they are most interested in and that keeps the learning focus strong. As for College, we do have Front Range Community college and in Boulder there is the University of Colorado Boulder.  This is another reason why moving to Longmont may be a great fit for your family!

10. Getting Around

If you are moving to Longmont, getting around is really easy! Hover and Main street are the 2 main streets that run north and south. Nelson, 9th, and 17th are the main routes for heading east to west. Rarely is there any traffic, but Longmont natives say it is getting alot busier. If you are coming from a large city then this will feel very laid back to you. Longmont also has some really unique transportation. Not only are we hip on Uber and Lyft, but we also have some free and rather inexpensive options. The Longmont call and ride bus is awesome. You can schedule a time for pick up and drop off. Students cost $1.30 each way. They pick you up wherever you scheduled. Our public bus transportation is completely FREE. Yes, that’s right, some things in life are FREE. You also have easy access to the I-25 which is our main freeway that runs North and South. And Hover road turns into CO119 that gives us easy access to Boulder. The bottom line is that we have so many ways to get around our city. Most cities don’t have alternate routes. Don’t get me wrong, we still have some traffic in areas, but nothing like Seattle of California.

11. Weather

As someone who is not native to Colorado, I can say that Longmont weather is great, and never gets boring. We have 4 very distinct seasons here. Each season is exciting!  Not many major American cities offer this great weather. Before moving to Longmont you need to know that it can get very hot in the summer, and very cold in the winter. Which makes you crave each season as the last comes to an end. Colorado is the seventh driest state in the nation with yearly precipitation averaging 14 inches. Snow is another questions that gets asked by our Out of towners, “Wow, it must snow a lot there”? We average about 41 inches of snow a year, but it’s here one day and gone the next. If you are moving to Longmont, the snow is super easy to get around in. The town is very flat and road crews are ahead of the game!

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Colorado’s low humidity may be hard on everyone’s hair and skin, but it keeps winter temperatures from feeling too cold and summer temperatures from feeling too hot. I found drinking extra water really helped! Longmont’s  overall average temperature is just over 48 degrees with January being the coldest month and July the hottest. If you’re looking for 70 degrees year round, moving to Longmont is a bad idea!  If you want to experience the four seasons surrounded by beautiful scenery and mountains, then moving to Longmont is definitely something you should look at!  In late winter months, it’s not uncommon for our Longmont residents to be Skiing one day and in shorts the next day! My favorite time of year after moving to Longmont has been fall. It is generally 70-80 degrees and the perfect temp for trick or treating and outdoor activities.

12. Mountains

Where do I even start? The Rocky Mountains are Epic,  and they are right there in front of us… towering over the entire Front Range. Even When moving to Longmont you’ll quickly notice how the entire front range is to the west is a big tower of Mountains. Pikes peak is an amazing hike and destination that is easily spotted any day of the week!

When you want to escape the city or suburban life for an afternoon, you don’t want to hop in the car and drive 2 hours just to get into the mountains and away from it all. We are so blessed in Longmont because it really only takes around 45 minutes maximum to drive into the mountains and be completely alone and surrounded by pine trees and clean air. Only being about 30  or 45 minutes away from the mountains makes an afternoon hike after work possible. If you’re a nature lover and enjoy spending time in the mountains (or would love to start), you need to seriously consider moving to Longmont. You really don’t have a clue what you’re missing! If you are planning on moving to Longmont, the scenery will not disappoint you!

13. Affordability

Homes for sale in Longmont are some of the most affordable in the nation. You can actually still find a starter home in Longmont for under 300K although those days are coming to an end sooner than later. Don’t just take my word for it… According to Niche, Longmont is the 8th best suburb to live in Boulder county. Whether you’re searching for a Condo or Townhome in Prospect New Town, a house in Longmonts Portico neighborhood , or in a suburb of Boulder County like Lafayette, Louisville or Niwot… you’ll quickly find that homes are priced very reasonably for the quality of life, low cost of living, and economy.

Getting a chance to live in the shadow of the mountains is just an added bonus! Many people would certainly pay a pretty penny for such epic mountain views , but not here: According to the Daily Camera, Longmont is leading the charge for affordable housing in Boulder County. The median house price in Boulder is a little more then double that of Longmont. According to the Times Call, in 2017 the average median house price in Longmont was 405K, while Boulder was 855K.

Hopefully this helps shed some light on the cost of living in Longmont. And if you aren’t from around this area, the distance between the 2 cities is about 20 miles and a 25 min drive. Moving to Longmont may be something to consider.


So, Are you convinced that Moving to Longmont is in your best interest?

If you’re moving to Longmont or are considering it, Longmont is truly an amazing place to live, work, and play. You’ll never run out of things to do and there will always be more friendly people to meet.  If you’re seriously thinking about moving to Longmont, or just have a few more questions before deciding, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions about Longmont or surrounding areas.

Still have questions about moving to Longmont? You can get in touch with me HERE. I have lived here for about 5 years and definitely know the about how stressful it can be to make a long distance move. I specialize in relocation and I can provide you with whatever information you’re looking for, or at the very least, point you in the direction of where to find it.

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